Former lab members

Saskia Dirx

  • bachelor student (2023)
  • Topic: Recording pharyngeal pumping in I1-ablated animals in the presence and absence of food

Enise Kumas

  • master thesis (2022)
  • Topic: Measuring pharyngeal muscle activity at high temporal resolution using genetically encoded voltage sensors

Wiebke Hanke

  • guest PhD student (2022-2023)
  • Topic: Role of GPCR inhibitors in nematode-bacteria interaction
  • Current: Regulatory Affairs Trainee at Worwag Pharma

Barbara Schlögl

  • researcher (2022)
  • Topic: Modeling the muscle - neuron interactions in the pharynx

Nicolina Zjacic

  • research assistant (2019-2020)
  • Topic: Food smells affecting feeding behavior
  • Current: PhD student University of Zurich

Natascha Hofmann

  • research assistant (2020)
  • Topic: Single worm tracking microscopes

Maximilian VonOlfen

  • master rotation (2019)
  • Topic: Substrate stiffness leading to alteration of behaviors